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ocean at sunset

Oct 18, 2023

Fall 2023

In this issue, meet some of the most inventive people around: farmers and scientists. Innovation seems to be in the DNA of CALS life sciences graduates who are finding—and even creating—their dream jobs. Across the state, CALS lends expertise to unusual agritourism ventures from oyster trails to vodka distilleries that help North Carolina farmers diversify and remain profitable. 

Yates Mill during sunrise

Apr 17, 2023

Spring 2023: Powering Positive Change

Historic Yates Mill sits on the 1,784 acres of NC State’s Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratories, which house 23 educational units working to make farming practices more efficient, sustainable and profitable today and for generations to come. In this issue, read about the change makers powering positive change throughout CALS and learn more about Yates Mill in our exclusive online content. 

Field bordered by woods at sunset

Nov 7, 2022

Fall 2022:
Our Rich Heritage – All in the Family

Three families share the rewards and challenges of keeping family values and traditions alive on the farm. 

food on table

Nov 7, 2022

Fall 2022:
Our Rich Heritage

This issue looks at forgotten crops that are now in a renaissance and creating income for farmers, the continued tradition of transformative innovation that betters our lives and supports natural resources, and our rich legacy of research, teaching and Extension. 

Jun 1, 2022

Spring 2022: The Next Frontier is Here

At CALS, there is no final frontier in agriculture, just the next one. The future of agriculture is here and in progress. We harness big data to tackle big challenges like a growing population, increasing urbanization and climate change. We go beyond the field and lab to test new plant varietals in space. We create global collaboration in our research efforts. And that’s not the half of it. Get a glimpse of what we're up to. 

Oct 19, 2021

Fall 2021: A Global Perspective

CALS’ international work has local impact. To find solutions that benefit people around the world and here at home, we collaborate with scientists, companies and countries worldwide. International study prepares our graduates for a global economy and brings top talent to our state. 

Apr 1, 2021

Spring 2021: Regaining What’s Been Lost

At Sankofa Farms, doctoral student Kamal Bell looks to agriculture and to the past to break down educational barriers for young African American men. 

Oct 1, 2020

Fall 2020: Risk and Resilience

North Carolina farmers have faced significant stress in recent years, and COVID-19 has made matters worse. What is NC State doing to help turn the tide? And why should we all care? 

Oct 1, 2019

Fall 2019: CALS’ Year of Transformation

It’s the largest infrastructure expansion in college history: In the space of one year, six major CALS building projects have either broken ground or opened their doors. More are on the way. Here’s your behind-the-scenes look into an unprecedented period of growth – and why you should care. 

Apr 1, 2019

Spring 2019: The New Face of Biochemistry

At first, it sounds like wizardry. Crystal growth chambers. Smoke billowing from cauldrons where there is no fire. Students revealing secrets of the visible world by influencing the invisible. CALS’ own Hogwarts, housed in Polk Hall? Nope. CALS’ own Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry – undergoing a transformation of its own.