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Fall 2021

Take the N.C. Exports Quiz

Are you an export expert? Test your knowledge of the North Carolina crops and commodities that reach markets around the world.

Out of all of the sweetpotatoes grown in the United States, about what percentage does North Carolina produce?

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North Carolina, the "Napa Valley of sweetpotatoes," according to one expert, grows nearly two-thirds of all U.S. sweetpotatoes.

When did North Carolina begin exporting commodity crops overseas?

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Even earlier than you imagined: The first exports began in the 17th century with tobacco.

North Carolina already has __ breweries selling to overseas markets.

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With nearly two dozen breweries, North Carolina is poised for growth and could have a malty future.

True or False: The sweetpotato is North Carolina’s state vegetable.

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What else would you expect from a superfood that has pride of place in North Carolina?

Which country is not one of North Carolina’s top export markets?

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While North Carolina State University has had a long history of agricultural projects with Peru, it's not a top export market.

Based on dollar value, what was North Carolina’s top export commodity in 2020?

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North Carolina is the land of plenty when it comes to pork and poultry production. China is the top export market for both.

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