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CALS Says Thank You to N.C. PSI Donors

people at the plant sciences building dedication

With support from many generous donors, we have fulfilled our $160.2 million fundraising goal for the NC State University Plant Sciences Building.

In a strong and unique display of solidarity, stakeholders from across the spectrum – commodity groups, industry partners, legislators, alumni, and the citizens of North Carolina – came together to build this new headquarters for the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative. Included in this support: a $45 million investment from the Golden LEAF Foundation, which NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson confirmed as “the largest single contribution ever made to CALS and among the largest in the history of the university.” 

Since 2014,  the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative has been bringing together the brightest minds from academia, government, and industry to increase crop yields, create new varieties, enhance agricultural and environmental sustainability, and develop new technologies to help solve some of the grandest issues facing agriculture and society. 

”The completion of the fundraising for the N.C. PSI building is extraordinarily inspiring, certainly because of the magnitude of the project but most strikingly because of the ultimate show of generosity from our 150 donors,” said Sonia Murphy, assistant dean for college advancement. “Their generosity is what defines our college time and again. We work hand-in-hand with our constituencies to provide the most impact. At the same time, donors rally around our greatest aspirations and help us make them come true. We are The Wolfpack.”

Because of our donors, this world-class research facility puts N.C. PSI on the map as one of the world’s leading agricultural research institutions.

Thanks to you, the brilliant scientists, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly capable research support staff in this new facility can supercharge discovery and innovation in agriculture. 

Thanks to you, these discoveries and innovations will help ensure the world can double its agricultural productivity to feed its rapidly growing population in the face of dwindling farmlands and climate change. 

And thanks to you, we have an engine that will advance North Carolina’s economy, one that will attract more investment and growth for our state’s largest industry: Agriculture.  

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