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What Leaders Are Saying About N.C. PSI and the NC State University Plant Sciences Building

people celebrate at the opening of the Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony as the ribbon is cut

During the NC State University Plant Sciences Building’s dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony, a diverse range of speakers representing NC State university’s leadership, donors, state political leaders, federal research administrators, and students had many things to say about the N.C. PSI and its newly constructed headquarters. Here is a sampling of what they had to say. View the full recording of the dedication ceremony to view these speeches in their entirety.

John Dole

Interim Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

John Dole speaking at the NC State Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony

“The opening of this building is a significant milestone in the journey of the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative, in the history of this college, and in the life of this university. It will bring students, faculty, growers, and industry partners together to solve the challenges of agriculture and give North Carolina farmers the innovation they need to stay competitive in the marketplace.”

Randy Woodson

Chancellor, North Carolina State University

Chancellor Randy Woodson speaking at the NC State Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony.

“This is a celebration, and it’s a celebration of what we’ve accomplished to date. But make no mistake. It’s an opening of what will come in the future for the people of North Carolina through the research and outreach that will occur through this building and through this initiative.”

Adrian Percy

Executive Director, N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative

Adrian Percy speaking at the NC State Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony.

“This building is just the vehicle we needed to help us leverage all of North Carolina’s strengths and improve lives through innovations in food, health, and agricultural systems. Thanks to the Plant Sciences Building and a tremendous support network, and unbelievable talent, the N.C. PSI is going to deliver impactful solutions that will be leveraged within our state, throughout the nation, and even across the world.”

Senator Phil Berger

President Pro Tempore,
North Carolina General Assembly

Senator Phil Berger speaking at the NC State Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony

“This building will bring the sharpest minds in the world to North Carolina to address pressing issues in agriculture. The research and innovation taking place here will have a ripple effect felt across the world.”

Chavonda Jacobs-Young

Agricultural Research Service Administrator, USDA

Chavonda Jacobs Young speaking at the Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony

“This is an exciting time for NC State and for agricultural research. The complex global challenges we face in agriculture, like climate change, nutrition security, and clean energy, will require innovations in the plant sciences, as well as well-trained next-generation plant scientists. This 185,000 square-foot facility will be an epicenter for bringing together scientists and students to help us meet those challenges.”

Lawrence Davenport

Farmer and Board Member, Golden LEAF Foundation

Lawrence Davenport speaking at the NC State Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony.

“This is the first time that I’ve ever seen a collaboration like this come together for agriculture. We at Golden LEAF really appreciate all the hard work done to bring the many partners together to take this idea and make it a reality… The multidisciplinary collaboration that will happen in this building will help ensure that North Carolina remains a global leader in agriculture.”

Shelly Hunt

Graduate Student, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Shelly Hunt speaking at the NC State Plant Sciences Building dedication ceremony.

“The building you see behind me isn’t just some ordinary building. Look harder. It’s a community. In the coming months, years, and decades, these halls will be filled with a plethora of diverse individuals … Together, we build a community: a community that challenges you, pushes you to your greatest potential, but also supports you through the hardships of the real world and provides you with grace, understanding, and flexibility.”